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Managers can feel confident that the supply system is ready and medical staff will never have a worry.  Our software was built with medical practice requirements in mind.  With an easy to read graphic, managers can take on more pressing matters, such as delivering the world class healthcare that New Zealand is known to deliver.  We consulted our logistics specialist from other industries, such as aerospace, to ensure that all the features needed for a tool to be useful, were included.



  1. Quick reference Dashboard
  2. Supplier Management
  3. Medical Consumables, Medication and generic office supplies
  4. Clear printable reports
  5. Excess stock

Total value and more…

Our tool is divided into three sections:

  1. Medication
  2. Medical Consumables
  3. Admin Consumables

Each section is tailored for those types of supplies.  What is common between each section is the display that covers all the pertinent details of your supply item.

With simple technology, the practice manager can be armed with information and decision making has never been easier. It is all about the information.
An effective and efficient supply chain can be yours.

Specification Sheet:

We have compiled a basic specification sheet to address some of the detail around the preferred operating systems. This is a guideline only and does not reflect any difference in performance. Click Here for Specifications Page. 

Important: Please Read before Downloading

Product Details:

We have tested our business tools on various Windows operating systems. Our recommendation for best results is Microsoft Windows 10.

AccessFor best results, we recommend you purchase Microsoft Access 2016. However, you can also download the free version of Microsoft Access 2016 “Runtime”. Click Here for Runtime