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MediShare Limited was established in 2017 as an extension from work conducted with the Dr Hanne Family Practice.

This small family practice showed the need for all general practices and other medical practitioners to work together by leveraging off technology.

MediShare is a New Zealand company which focuses on network strength within the medical community to provide novel solutions to everyday issues.

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MediShare Aotearoa Product Database

Stock Buy or Sell   Take your excess stock within your medical practice and redistribute to other medical practices. The real revolution is that MAPD has the potential to be the largest medical practice supply chain within New Zealand. Not only are you reducing stock and being less wasteful, you can also purchase from other medical practices at much reduced prices.

Medication Share As a medical practice you can post those medications to which you are over stocked. Another medical practice, in need of your overstock, will see your posting and accept it or be in contact. This way of redistributing only cost $.99 per transaction. Imagine how much time savings as well as no longer wasting valuable vaccines and other medications.

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