CaptureqlogoSections Detail: Front Page; General Page Configuration;  Dashboard

Application: Q.DATA medical 2.0 & 2.1 2018.

Front Page Detail:

Overview web manual picturePurpose: The front page user interface is used to navigate throughout Q.DATA. It contains a main command bar that covers each section. The minor command bar covers the medical practice’s dashboard for alerts and supply shortages as well as a link to the Q.DATA contact.

General Page Configuration:

Web manual picture generic page layoutPurpose: The general configuration demonstrates how the majority of the pages are structured.  Any [Report] will require input of information from a [Form].  All [Forms] will have data entry text boxes, attachment boxes, picture upload areas or hyperlinks within each.  More specific data is given for each page within this manual.

Dashboard Detail:

Picture of dashboard for web manual

Purpose: The [Dashboard] gives the user immediate alert information based on queries within the database.  It only shows that information that has reached a pre-determined alert point such as within 30 days of expiry or as a shortage of an item.  Further detail about the items listed in the [Dashboard] can be found within the Section that covers it.