The MediShare Way

Company Details

Medishare Limited: A private registered company developed and established in New Zealand.  No overseas interest apply.  Medshare Limited is the company structure by which the other products and service fall under.Incorporation date: 24 March 2017  Company number:  6258188  NZBN:  9429046034250

Medishare Management:  Provides software management tools and services to the New Zealand Medical Community.  Its main focus is on the continuous improvement of medical practice management through Lean/Six Sigma and specially designed software to aid the medical practice manager.

Medishare Aotearoa Product Database (MAPD):  Our online platform that allows the greater medical practice community to leverage off purchasing power of each other and major suppliers.  It is our e-commerce solution for New Zealand Medical Practices.

New Zealand Business Manager

John Reps was the lead in founding MediShare Limited with its particular focus on innovation through our connected economy. His background includes being an officer in the United States Marine Corps, corporate business performance, large scale program delivery, quality systems implementation and new product realization.

As our business manager he is responsible for focusing and driving ideas. He is also responsible for maintaining a lean organization that delivers to all members true value and innovative solutions.


  • We believe the “give” proposition must come first when it comes to any activities involving health care.
  • We believe technology is not the end-all and be-all for solutions, however, it is a great enabler for connecting people.
  • We believe the new business model is a mix of virtual and personal interaction. 

Mission Statement

Empower professional medical networks with technology


To become a standard for improving the New Zealand General Practice community.


We are always interested in having conversations about any investment opportunities.  Should you believe you are open to partnering, hosting, collaborating or investing in MediShare, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can provide a formal company prospectus for your review.