Dispute Resolution

In all cases we seek to build a network of professionals that reflect the highest standard of trade and interaction.   Every member of MediShare Aotearoa has a direct link to the medical industry and this being New Zealand, we all seem to know someone who knows someone.  However, that being said,  we are all human and that comes with all sorts of possibilities for communication to break down.

We have found in the majority of disputes, an active and forthright communication channel between the seller and buyer clears up much confusion and goes a long way towards professional resolution.  This does not absolve us , MediShare Aotearoa from have a proper dispute resolution policy and procedure.

Dispute Escalation 

These are the following dispute escalation steps:

  • Proper email communication and/or telephone (our preferred method) conversations have taken place

Make sure you have tried to your best ability to get your issue across tot he other party.  We recommend a brief understanding of the issue as either, the seller did not deliver what was promised, the purchaser did not pay as per agreement or some other easy statement so any future escalation can follow the correct path.  Be sure to collect any and all evidence.  We see 95% of all disputes usually resulting from a minor communication issue.

  • Seller has ability to rank/review his/her experience with the medical practice or supplier
  • Every purchaser has the ability to rate the seller and the purchasing experience.  This rating is displayed for all others to view. For MediShare’s part, we monitor poor reviews and seek out information as to why this may be.  We see this as our opportunity to build a better platform and give you a better experience. Reviews are not one-sided though.  For a poor review we may contact the seller and determine if that poor review is to stand or not…This is our “No Trolls” approach to a professionally run platform.


  • Bring dispute to the attention of MediShare Aotearoa for further action.
  • Finally, and this is hardly ever the case since this a professional network, the buyer or seller can contact us for formal adjudication.  From that point we bring in our specialist and formal proceedings occur.