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Keeping your medical equipment calibrated and maintained should not be a task.  Think of a tool that keeps all your records in order and produces the reports you need when you need them.  This is what we created.

It seems simple enough, but knowing that your equipment is operating properly is very important. Most service providers place a sticker on your equipment to remind you when it is due for another check.  We go further and put it right at your finger tips.  Further, no need to search for any of the records and manuals as they can be loaded right to the equipment record itself.


  1. Clear data presentation
  2. Configured for laptop
  3. Reports that give instant information
  4. Equipment Records
  5. Maintenance and Calibration Reports
  6. Office equipment
  7. Computer equipment

Each record has all the information you require to ensure continuity of care.  Just double click on the equipment record line and all the information for that piece of equipment appears.

This tool also handles any of your computer equipment as well, keeping all of your IT records in order.

  1. Computer details
  2. Printer details
  3. Accessories

Never worry about your network age or replacement times.  Always keep your computer network aligned with its operating systems.

And don’t forget about your expensive office equipment (e.g. waiting room televisions). We have you covered there as well.

Specification Sheet:

We have compiled a basic specification sheet to address some of the detail around the preferred operating systems. This is a guideline only and does not reflect any difference in performance. Click Here for Specifications Page. 

Important : Please Read Before Downloading

Product Details:

We have tested our business tools on various Windows operating systems. Our recommendation for best results is Microsoft Windows 10.

AccessFor best results, we recommend you purchase Microsoft Access 2016. However, you can also download the free version of Microsoft Access 2016 “Runtime”. Click Here for Runtime


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