Simplify the way you manage all your files with the use of our Q-docs management tool.  Simple and easy to set up, you will have the ability to manage all those contracts with ease.  Features include printable reports on contracts about to expire, e-manual and Microsoft as the base software so you know it is reliable.

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Move away from managing your stock with Microsoft Excel.  MediShare now introduces a software tool that gives you the power to manage all your stock with ease.  Reports that cover shortage, overall stock count, supplier details, current orders and more are at your finger tips.

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Never worry again about your medical equipment being overdue for calibration or maintenance.  Our tool covers everything from managing the equipment records to printable reports on the health of your equipment.

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The MediShare Audit tool is specifically designed to address all your audit requirements for the RNZCGP Cornerstone requirements.  Health and Safety, patient record review, emergency equipment and more, are covered in a simple package that keeps an entire record of your checklist history.

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Specification Sheet:
We have compiled a basic specification sheet to address some of the detail around the preferred operating systems. This is a guideline only and does not reflect any difference in performance. Click Here for Specifications Page.

Important: Please Read before Downloading
Product Details:
We have tested our business tools on various Windows operating systems. Our recommendation for best results is Microsoft Windows 10.
For best results, we recommend you purchase Microsoft Access 2016. links below

 Microsoft Access 2016 (Purchase) or Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime (Free) 


Other Products from MediShare

Q-Excel The Practice Manager’s Tool Box

– Practice Audit Checklist (preconfigured and configurable for your own)
– Risk & Issues Register
– Supply Management
– Document Handling
– Equipment Management
– Latest in Touchscreen Technology:
We have combined Dell Inspiron technology and Microsoft Windows 10/Office 365 to give you the rugged dependability you require. Find Out More…

Medishare Member’s Price
$985.00 NZD* Save 25%
*plus shipping and handling



This is MediShare’s complete medical practice management tool for managers.


Based in the cloud or a local server network, we have taken all the essential daily activities and built a software suite that organizes them. Designed in close collaboration with general practice, our design engineers have created a tool that is not only easy to use but adds a much needed aesthetic to all things in the data base environment. This is our top level software suite that allows the entire medical practice the ability to be configured with all aspects of quality standards being addressed. Installation is required.
– Login Levels
– Multiple Concurrent Users
– Quality Improvement Framework
– Supply Chain Management
– Personnel Files
– Equipment Maintenance
– Document Handling
– Library with Preloaded Required Legislation
– Risk/Hazard/Incident Registers
– Hosted locally or in Cloud
– Network environment
– Reports/Alerts/Infometrics
– Online E-manual
So much more…

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