Donations of Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical Aid Abroad Trust

Established in 1968 in New Zealand, this charitable trust continues to provide support to overseas medical facilities through the generous donations of medical professionals within New Zealand.

Medical, Surgical or Medicine (NZ)

Thank you for considering a donation. We accept almost every medical item you can imagine, from a tiny scalpel blade, to your unwanted medicines, to a hospital beds.
Our team of professionals will check it over your donation for suitability.

Goods Not Accepted

  1. Controlled drugs (addictive drugs, often prescribed for pain)
  2. Refrigerated goods
  3. Partly used goods. For example, partly used pots of creams, or bottles of medicine.
  4. Chemicals and reagents. If you are not sure, then please do contact us.
  5. Products past the expiry date

Special Note: With equipment donations, please ensure you have all the ancillary equipment (e.g. plugs, attachments and the like). Electrical goods are to have an “electronically safe” certification sticker and any other manuals and maintenance records.

Auckland area:  PWR, (09 968 6750)

Nationwide: ProPharma, (09 915 9500)

Greenlane Clinical Centre Pharmacy, Building 4, 214 Greenlane Road West, Epsom, Auckland, 1051

Goods can be delivered directly to our rooms – on Wednesday mornings only – from 9:30am until about 2pm.

Further Contact

For any other information please call the MAA Store Manager, Dr Mary Joku, (mobile 021 027 34008)