Customer Protection

The MediShare Aotearoa Product Database has been developed in good faith with other medical practices and medical industry suppliers.  Should any conflict arise between what was posted for sale and the item that was ultimately delivered to the purchaser the following escalation process shall apply:

  1. Purchaser contact seller of item to resolve issue as soon as possible to resolve issue.
  2.  If no resolution contact MAPD at within 10 working days of dispute.  Please place the title “Dispute” in the subject line to gain expedited action.

We will contact the seller and seek to resolve the issue.  At this point, unless the issues falls outside the bounds of MediShare Limited’s legal rights, we shall adjudicate over the issue.

The outcome may be of the following types:

  1. Resolve delivery of the purchased item
  2. Find in favor of purchaser and institute internal refund process to purchaser
  3. Find in favor of supplier in which no action will follow

As a matter of course, MAPD only uses the approved payment system of PayPal and Stripe.  These two services act as the payment escrow for purchases and exchange.

If you have any other questions about our buyer protection program please contact us at