Keeping Your Medical Practice Ready


It is hard enough keeping up with daily business let alone the additional checklist that a medical practice is to conduct.  Our tool comes preloaded with RNZCGP Cornerstone audit templates.  Our solution is to take the labor of doing checklist and streamline it for ease while instilling the managers with confidence that the medical practice is at a high state of readiness.


  1. Configured for portable devices
  2. Touch screen suitable
  3. Preloaded Checklist
  4. One touch report production
  5. Graded overview of checks
  6. Pre-divided into Annual/Bi-Annual/Monthly checks
  7. Microsoft Based software
  8. Highly intuitive

Our preconfigured audits include:

  • Patient records 
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment
  • Infection Control
  • Medicine
  • Cornerstone 

Conducting a check has also never been easier. Q.Audit is configured especially for portable pad devices. This means the person doing the check has the checklist in front of them.  Login with your details and start your checks!


A “walk around” is never easier  with large easy to read controls and easy to read line items, our tool is so intuitive you will be running through checks faster than ever before.

Press the button for the audit you need to conduct and a list of pre-loaded checks awaits you.  Each line item check has been developed from a standard of checks for the medical community.  Review the item, make a comment, state if you are good with the check and save your report.

Once done with your checks, our tool creates the reports you need for your records.  View, print and record.  Each report also gives a grade as well as who conducted it and when.  Make it easy and be assured of a ready medical practice.

Each management tool comes with a complete manual with step by step instructions.  We also provide a support line as well.  Best of all, we pride ourselves on the affordability of our tools.  For the price of a morning tea break, you can have a tool to get sorted quickly.

Specification Sheet:

We have compiled a basic specification sheet to address some of the detail around the preferred operating systems. This is a guideline only and does not reflect any difference in performance. Click Here for Specifications Page.

Important: Please Read before Downloading

Product Details:

We have tested our business tools on various Windows operating systems.  Our recommendation for best results is Microsoft Windows 10.

For best results, we recommend you purchase Microsoft Access 2016.  However, you can also download the free version of Microsoft Access  2016 “Runtime”.      Click Here for Runtime